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    Sobriquet 41.3

    Thursday, April 3, 2008
    I wrote about a page more on The Master of Petersburg this afternoon. I spent over an hour trying to figure out how to begin the lone paragraph I managed to squeeze out and it took me another two hours to finish the damn thing. I mean, I have come to realize that it often takes me a pretty significant chunk of time to get going, but today was painful. Seriously, the scatological image of a constipated person straining to relieve his or her bowels of the shit that has stuck around for too long comes readily to mind. I feel as if I strained and strained, sweat pouring down a face contorted by pain and concentration, only to produce a misshapen, stubborn little nut of a turd.

    In other words, I feel as if I have expended far more energy and spent a good deal more time than my work will show. And those pesky doubts that normally plague me when writing? They swarmed about me like flies in an outhouse on a humid summer day.

    But, yeah, I'm glad to have gotten another one percent of the dissertation written.

    For tomorrow: More of the same.


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  1. From Minxy:

    Interesting all I can think of is Stan's father and Bono. Aside from that, I know you're doing fine and once you get going a bit more on this chapter, it will get easier. Worry not, my friend. All will be well.

    By Blogger Sobriquet Magazine on 04 April, 2008

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