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Ford Madox Ford


The Brown Owl (1891)
The Feather (1892)
The Shifting of the Fire, with Joseph Conrad (1892)
The Questions at the Well, as Fenil Haig (1893)
The Queen Who Flew (1894)
Ford Madox Ford (1896)
The Cinque Ports (1900)
Poems for Pictures and Notes for Music (1900)
The Inheritors, with Joseph Conrad (1901)
Rossetti (1902)
Romance, with Joseph Conrad (1903)
The Face of Night (1904)
The Benefactor (1905)
The Soul of London (1905)
Hans Holbein (1905)
The Heart of the Country (1906)
Christina's Fairy Book (1906)
The Fifth Queen (1906)
Privy Seal (1907)
From Inland (1907)
An English Girl (1907)
The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (1907)
The Spirit of the People (1907)
The Fifth Queen Crowned (1908)
Mr. Apollo (1908)
The "Half Moon" (1909)
Songs from London (1910)
A Call (1910)
The Portrait (1910)
High Germany (1911)
Ladies Whose Bright Eyes (1911; rev. ed. as Daniel Chaucer, 1935)
The Simple Life Limited, as Daniel Chaucer (1911)
The Critical Attitude (1911)
Ancient Lights and Certain New Reflections (1911)

The New Humpty-Dumpty, as Daniel Chaucer (1912)
The Panel (1912; rev. ed. Ring for Nancy [1913])
Collected Poems
Henry James
The Desirable Alien,
with Violet Hunt (1913)
The Young Lovell
Mr. Fleight
Between St. Dennis and St. George
When Blood is their Argument
The Good Soldier
Zeppelin Nights,
with Violet Hunt (1916)
Translation of The Trial of Barbarians, by Pierre Loti (1917)
On Heaven, and Poems Written on Active Service
A House
Thus to Revisit
Mr. Bosphorus and the Music
The Nature of Crime,
with Joseph Conrad (1923)
The Marsden Case
Women and Men
Some Do Not
Joseph Conrad
A Mirror to France
No More Parades
A Man Could Stand Up
New Poems
New York Essays
New York Is Not America
Last Post
A Little Less Than Gods
Parade's End
No Enemy
The English Novel
When the Wicked Man
Return to Yesterday
The Rash Act
It Was the Nightingale
Henry for Hugh
Vive le Roy
Mightier Than the Sword
The Great Trade Route
The March of Literature
Critical Writings
Your Mirror to My Times
A History of Our Own Time
The Correspondence of Ford Maddox Ford and Stella Bowen

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