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John Gardner


The Resurrection (1966)
The Wreckage of Agathon (1970)
Grendel (1971)
The Sunlight Dialogues (1972)
Jason and Medeia (1973)

Nickel Mountain (1973)
The King's Indian (1974)

Dragon, Dragon (and Other Tales)
October Light
Gudgekin The Thistle Girl (and Other Tales) (1976)
The Poetry of Chaucer (1977)
In the Suicide Mountains (1977)

On Moral Fiction
Freddy's Book
The Art of Living and Other Stories
Mickelsson's Ghosts
On Becoming a Novelist (1983)
The Art of Fiction (1983)
On Writers and Writing (1994)

The Arch and the Abyss
John Gardner at Genesse Community College

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