So, you're interested in writing for the Sobriquet Magazine Encyclopedia of Punk Rock? Here are a few ground rules:

  • We do not accept unsolicited entries. In other words, if you are interested in writing one of the available encyclopedia entries, you will have to contact our editorial staff at: editor (at) sobriquetmagazine (dot) com to express your interest.

  • Simply submitting an essay does not guarantee it will be published.

  • Write for a general audience and write with as unbiased a voice as possible. Yes, the Clash or Ramones might be awesome, but you don't need to gush to get that point across.

  • Do not send us an email asking that we post an entry on your band or zine. This is not a directory or wiki-project. Bands, zine, films, and albums will be featured at the sole discretion of the editorial board. We will post listings for the entries we would like to have; the list will grow as the project grows. Not being listed does not imply something will not be featured later on. Give us time.

  • Cite all sources used for research; you may use hyperlinks in your essay, but you must make sure they point to material relevant to the article.

  • Click here for contributor guidelines.

  • This is not a critical project; Sobriquet does publish critical academic writing and does include reviews of albums, films, and literature, but the Encyclopedia is a decidedly non-academic project. We want clear, unbiased, historical (yeah, yeah we know the poststructuralists will argue with us on that  point...) accounts of the bands, people, and zines featured in our Encyclopedia. Like any encyclopedia, we favor informative entries rather than critical scholarly analysis or exegesis of bands. Enough people are doing that as it is.

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