Information and Guidelines for Contributors to The Sobriquet Magazine Encyclopedia of Punk Rock


Entry Length: If you are assigned an entry, the editors will discuss article length with you. Generally, suggested lengths are the minimum length we’re looking for. Longer entries are, of course, quite welcome.


Deadlines: Completed entries are generally expected within two months of assignment, though authors writing longer essays or one requiring more research may take longer.


Copyright: All work published in the Encyclopedia must be original, documented research. We will not reprint essays from other collections. You may, of course, quote outside sources, but this must be documented. You own the copyright to anything you personally write and may use it elsewhere.


Use of One’s Own Entry: You are free to reuse portions of your entries (or entries in their entirety) in your own work as long as you credit The Sobriquet Magazine Encyclopedia of Punk Rock as the original publisher. We do not ask for royalties, just a nice note alerting us that you will be republishing something.


Sources: Every entry must include a list of works cited, in MLA format. Any textual citations must also be made in MLA formatting.


From Web to Paper: Sobriquet Magazine reserves the right to republish Encyclopedia entries in other formats, including as entries in a book version of the Encyclopedia. All contributors will, naturally, receive full credit for their work.


Editing: The editor reserves the right to edit and add to entries, if needed. In the event of major edits, we will make every effort to contact the contributor. Should something need to be added to an essay (say, someone passes away), we may augment a pre-existing entry to include these important facts. If a significant addition must be made to an entry and the original author does not or cannot make the change, the byline will read “By Author One and Author Two.”


Tone: Entries should be aimed at a general audience, with as neutral and non-academic a tone as possible. Basically, try for historical accuracy and leave critical analyses for other projects.


Hyperlinks: Please do not link to other resources in the body of your entry. You may list a website (and provide a link) in the list of works cited.


Discographies: Every musician entry should include as complete a discography of albums and singles as possible. There's no need to list every appearance on compilations or re-releases, though, unless they are truly notable.


Errors, Et Cetera: If you find an error or omission in your entry, kindly notify us and we will try to fix the situation in a timely manner.


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