The FCC Might Let You Be

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From The Washington Post: 

The Supreme Court announced yesterday that it will rule on the government's standards for policing the public airwaves for the first time since the court agreed 30 years ago that a midday radio broadcast of comedian George Carlin's 'seven dirty words' monologue was indecent." 
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In an era when parental vetting of television programming has become more and more common, when the V-chip and the ratings guides have become the norm, it seems to me that the Supreme Court should loosen the restrictions it places on the language broadcasters may use on air. There has always been the concern that children may be exposed to various words and images their parents deem "inappropriate" and, I suspect, any softening of the FCC's regulations will likely draw criticism from some of the more socially conservative demographics traditionally concerned with such content but, really, it is high time to lighten up. If parents don't want their children exposed to a particular type of content, it is their responsibility to weed it out. After all, no one has to buy a television.

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