Dinesh D'Sousa Sadly Misinformed About Libertarians, Atheists

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For anyone who has read Dinesh D'Sousa's astonishingly bigoted "How Atheists Celebrate Christmas," it should come as no surprise that Andrew Davis's response addresses the conservative pundit's claim that "[m]any libertarians are basically conservatives who are either gay or druggies or people who generally find the conservative moral agenda too restrictive." Although the essay's latent homophobia (notice how quick D'Sousa is to assert that many libertarians are gay) and explicit religious intolerance (D'Sousa's treatment of non-theists is extremely prejudiced) immediately weaken the author's claims, it is nice to see a thoughtful rebuttal that does not stoop to the same petty behavior. As Davis argues, D'Sousa "sees most libertarians as hedonistic atheists, and uses a tipsy [Christopher] Hitchens as the chief example of [the libertarians'] disdain for morality," which is sadly misinformed. In his conflation of libertarianism with conservatism and atheism with surfeited pleasure-seeking, D'Sousa does a tremendous disservice to freethinkers as well as liberty-minded Americans. Plus, he seems entirely ignorant of the rather significant number of left-libertarians...

Since we've been covering the Libertarian race a bit lately, I thought it'd be nice to post a link to the videos of the Heartland Libertarian Conference Debates that took place over this weekend in Missouri.

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