More Gravel-Barr Discussion

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From John Nichols's Online Beat Blog on

"Gravel, a quirky but often contender contender, spiced up the early Democratic debates by suggesting that most of the other candidates scared him with their casual talk of flexing the nation's nuclear capacity. Those comments earned Gravel a disinvitation to later debates. But he continued to campaign, raising a little bit of money and a lot of important issues, especially with regard to needed reforms in the political process. None of this got him many votes and he won no delegates to Democratic National Convention."

And, regarding Bob Barr's potential candidacy:

"But a ticket made up of a former Democratic senator and a former Republican congressman who find agreement on a number of Constitutional issues would gain attention - and perhaps a decent number of votes - in a fall election season that may see former adherents of both major parties casting about for alternatives."

And you can check out the comments under Nichols's post if you're in the mood to read the predictable "if you vote for a third party, you're voting for McCain" garbage and the handful of "I vote on conscience" or "I wouldn't vote for Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton anyway" responses...

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