Bob Barr Wins Libertarian Nomination

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Well, it's official, former Republican congressman Bob Barr has won the Libertarian Party's nod for president, thanks largely to Wayne Allyn Root's endorsement. In return, it seems, Barr has committed political suicide by endorsing Root for the vice presidential slot. Mary Ruwart, the party's presidential nominee in 1984 and vice presidential candidate in 1992, was eliminated after Root endorsed Barr. She would have been a wonderful candidate and would certainly have been a much stronger vice presidential nominee than a person most people associate with online gambling. Of course, Ruwart would never allow herself to share a ticket with Barr. It's a shame because that sort of union could have united a party threatening to schism. Right when it seems the Libertarians are poised to make their presence felt on a grand scale (Barr may well be invited to presidential debates in the Fall), their presidential nominee goes and makes himself a joke by taking on the walking punchline that is Wayne Allyn Root...

After the first round, it seems, the VP will be either Steve Kubby or Root. Wow.

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