Good Cop/Bad Cop - Good Cop = Dexter Yarbrough

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ccording to the Rocky Mountain Collegian, after having been accused of "improprieties ranging from falsifying police documents, to mandating the special treatment of student athletes, to teaching students illegal police tactics," Colorado State University Police Chief Dexter Yarbrough has finally been suspended. Despite claims by several of Yarbrough's fellow officers that "the President's Office had plenty of alarming evidence to take action long ago," the school administration "turned a blind eye" to the man's gross abuses of power and, "[d]espite a consistent flow of complaints of harassment, fraud and threatening behavior to the school's Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD) and to former CSU President Larry Penley, Yarbrough was promoted last year to vice president of public safety in addition to being chief of police," a position "with a $156,000-a-year salary, easily making him the highest paid law enforcement officer in the state" of Colorado.

Bolstered by damning audio recordings of Yarbrough's lectures to aspiring law enforcement officers, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation alleges that the Chief supports such questionable tactics as paying police informants for their help with rocks of crack cocaine, lying, and "bending" the law to accommodate excessive force. After Yarbrough allegedly "condoned rape," a disgusted graduate student began recording lectures for a complaint he intended to lodge against an officer whose colleagues had long claimed "established a culture of oppression, fear and intimidation within his ranks."

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