Freaky Nazi Eugenics Rears Its Ugly Head in Brazil

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From the Daily Mail:

"Baffled scientists had been struggling to come up with a reason for the high proportion twins in the tiny Brazilian town of Candido Godoi - most of them blond-haired and blue-eyed."

"A staggering one in five pregnancies there have resulted in the birth of twins - the usual rate is one in 80."

"There is testimony that [Dr. Josef "Angel of Death" Mengele] attended women, followed their pregnancies, treated them with new types of drugs and preparations, that he talked of artificial insemination in human beings, and that he continued working with animals, proclaiming that he was capable of getting cows to produce male twins."

"He attended women who had varicose veins and gave them a potion which he carried in a bottle, or tablets which he brought with him."

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