"Lazy, Bored and Stupid" Prison Guards Pit Inmates Against One Another at Rikers

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The Daily News reports that "[t]hree correction officers created a sadistic secret society on a Rikers Island cellblock, ordering prisoners to extort and beat other inmates" for fun and profit. Those men selected to carry out the group's bidding "were allowed to extort commissary money, clothing and phone privileges from other city jail inmates" while those inmates "who didn't cooperate were beaten" by fellow prisoners acting out the sadistic orders of Correction Officers Michael McKie, Khalid Nelson, and Denise Albright. Following the death of 18-year-old inmate Christopher Robinson, the trio's scheme quickly came to light, leading up to their indictment Wednesday. Calling the group "[l]azy, stupid and bored," a police source claims that, rather than do their jobs, McKie, Nelson, and Albright left an inmate in charge of the cellblock overnight on October 17, essentially giving inmates free reign to murder the young man.

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