There is a purpose

OK. I've been in and out of blogging for four years, lately mostly out. Reasons that have to do with time, energy and self-discipline have all played a part in my absence from this little corner of the internet.

But I'm going to turn over a new leaf. My survival may depend on it. Now that I've been moved to full-time features reporter at my beloved newspaper, I'm going to be fully consumed writing 500-word stories about girl scout events at the zoo and Black History Month programs. The prose naturally will be flat, listless and purely descriptive.

I'll try, then, to make this an outlet for more interesting writing, at least more interesting to me. We'll see.


Blogger Sobriquet Magazine said...

I, too, will find it more interesting. That damn chocolate allergy of mine keeps me from eating Thin Mints anyway.

Oh, and congratulations on becoming a full-time features reporter. I am, as you may suppose, both excited for you and curious to see where your new gig will take you...

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