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The Sobriquet Magazine Rating Scale

5 Stars: A bona-fide masterpiece. The sort of creative effort that transcends time. We're talking Moby-Dick, London Calling, The Inferno, or A Clockwork Orange.

4 Stars: A truly great work of art that falls short of being an all-time great. It will be remembered, yes, but it's no Hamlet, either.

3 Stars: A solid effort. If Catch-22 is a five-star novel, Good as Gold would be Joseph Heller's three-star book.

2 Stars: Not altogether bad, but nothing spectacular. Largely forgettable, but not a waste of time or without entertainment value.

1 Star: Lousy. Ernest Hemingway's The Torrents of Spring would fall into this category.

0 Stars: Awful. Lacking any entertainment or educational value.

-1 Star: Truly pretentious.

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