Sobriquet 79.6: Playlist for "The Cellar," 1/24/12

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Playlist Theme: Minnesota Punk 

The Playlist: 

1. The Replacements, "Kids Don't Follow" (2:49). Stink 
2. Ferd Mert, "The Winter Sucks (1:21). Best Friends 
3. Quincy Punx, "Crack Lab" (1:43). We're Not Punx...But We Play Them on TV 
4. The Suicide Commandos, "Complicated Fun" (2:49). The Suicide Commandos Commit Suicide Dance Concert 
5. Banner Pilot, "Alchemy" (2:15). Heart Beats Pacific 
6. Husker Du, "Chartered Trips" (3:39). Zen Arcade 
7. The Soviettes, "Bottom's Up, Bottomed Out" (1:38). LP 
8. The Strike, "Shallow" (3:22). A Conscience Left to Struggle with Pockets Full of Rust 
9. Midnight Evils, "Twin City Lights" (2:27). Straight 'Til Morning 
10. Porcelain Boys, "Sidetrack" (2:50). Away Awhile... 
11. Off With Their Heads, "Splendid Isolation" (3:12). Split EP With Dear Landlord 
12. Dillinger Four, "Doublewhiskeycokenoice" (2:20). Midwestern Songs for the Americas 
13. Corpse Show Creeps, "Pprzq" (2:57). Blackblood Call 
14. Dragnet, "Situation Nowhere" (2:24). Life in General 
15. The Keep Aways, "Bleeding Heart" (2:11). The Keep Aways EP 
16. Mall'd to Death, "Mall'd to Death" (1:27). Can't Make a Living 
17. Pretty Boy Thorson & the Falling Angels, "Things I Should Have Told You Before" (2:52). Ain't It Funny 
18. Scooby Don't, "(Somebody Please Kill) Lenny Kravitz" (1:09). Split EP with Boris the Sprinkler
19. Rifle Sport, "Jobs" (3:15). Primo 
20. Rivethead, "Past Days" (3:31). The Cheap Wine of Youth 
21. Jettison, "Can't Get Anymore" (3:35). Search for the Gun Girl 
22. Stray Bullets, "Over the Rainbow" (2:05). Stray Bullets

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