Sobriquet 79.7: Playlist for "The Cellar," 1/31/12: "Stockholm's Burning": Swedish Crust, Käng, and D-Beat

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Playlist Theme: "Stockholm's Burning": Swedish Crust, Käng, and D-Beat

The Playlist:

1. Avskum, "Fight Back Capitalism" (2:46). Punkista 
2. Disfear, "Soul Scars" (2:08). Soul Scars 
3. Wolfpack, "In Darkness You Feel No Regrets" (2:19). Allday Hell 
4. Moderat Likvidation, "Dödensbarn" (2:48). Moderat Likvidation EP 
5. Totalitär, "Luftslott" (3:09). Luftslott EP 
6. Warvictims, "When the Innocent Die" (1:27). D-Beat Destruction 
7. Disfornicate, "Captain Trips" (2:10). ...And the Darkman Smiles/Left With Fear Split EP with Disregard 
8. Disregard, "Victims of War" (1:00). ...And the Darkman Smiles/Left With Fear Split EP with Disfornicate 
9. Victims, "Bringing Me Down" (2:38). A Dissident 
10. Bombanfall, "Hälsning från helvetet" (1:42). Åsiktsfrihet 7" EP 
11. Crude S.S., "Bullying a Nation" (1:43). Crust'll Survive 
12. Mob 47, "Krigshot" (0:47). Ultimate Attack 
13. Shitlickers, "War System" (0:49). GBG 
14. Anti-Cimex, "When the Innocent Die" (2:00). Raped Ass EP 
15. Ernst and the Edsholm Rebels, "Anxiety Attack" (2:39). Doomsday Troops 
16. No Security, "Masskontroll" (2:43). Bury the Debt (Not the Dead) 
17. Uncurbed, "Strike of Mankind" (1:43). Masslakt/Strike of Mankind Split with Disfear 
18. Driller Killer, "Legalize Murder Now" (3:12). And the Winner Is 
19. Mardröm, "The End is Here" (0:59). Raw Punk Split with Giftgasattack 
20. Not Enough Hate, "Attitude Problem" (2:48). Knocked Into Tomorrow 
21. Nödvärn, "Alkoholiserad" (2:09). Demo 2 
22. Martyrdöd, "Antagonisten" (3:19). In Extremis 
23. Massmord, "Same Old Story, Same Old Shit" (1:39). Inget Liv / Ingen Död 
24. Skitsystem, "Profithysteri" (2:12). Allt E Skit 
25. Diskonto, "Karnvapenkrig Kraven Liv" (1:27). Diskontography 
26. 3-Way Cum, "Watch" (2:06), Battle of Opinions

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