Sobriquet 80.1: Playlist for "The Cellar," 2/7/12

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Playlist Theme: 1977: The Year in American Punk
Note: I slipped a 1978 release into the playlist, too, just for fun...

The Playlist:

1. The Testors, "Let's Get Zoed Out" (1:44). Volume 1
2. The Avengers, "I Believe in Me" (2:55). We are the One 
3. The Weirdos, "Destroy All Music" (1:37). We Got the Neutron Bomb
4. The Alan Milman Sect, "Stitches In My Head/I Wanna Kill Somebody" (2:35). The Alan Milman Sect
5. Crap Detectors, "Police State" (2:05). Police State 7"
6. The Pagans, "The Six and Change" (2:35). The Pagans
7. Hollywood Square, "Hillside Strangler" (1:54). Hillside Strangler
8. Randoms, "Let's Get Rid of New York" (2:43). ABCD/Let's Get Rid of New York 7"
9. Mary Monday and the Bitches, "Popgun" (2:36). I Gave My Punk Jacket to Rickie
10. 'Snots, "So Long to the Sixties" (2:18). No Picture Necessary
11. The Dils, "Mr. Big" (1:42). Class War 7"
12. Crime, "Murder By Guitar" (4:31). San Francisco's Still Doomed
13. The Zeros. "Don't Push Me Around" (2:26). Don't Push Me Around
14. The Germs, "Forming" (1:37). M.I.A.: The Complete Germs
15. Dead Boys, "Sonic Reducer" (3:09). Young, Loud and Snotty
16. The Ramones, "Rockaway Beach" (2:06). Rocket to Russia
17. Ricjard Hell & The Voidoids, "Love Comes In Spurts" (2:04). Blank Generation
18. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, "Chinese Rocks" (2:54). L.A.M.F.
19. The Misfits, "She" (1:23). Cough/Cool 7"
20. The Suicide Commandos, ,"Burn It Down" (2:20). Make a Record
21. The Dictators, "Search & Destroy" (3:27). Manifest Destiny
22. Wayne County & The Electric Chairs, "On the Crest" (4:50). The Electric Chairs

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