Sobriquet 80.3: Playlist for "The Cellar," 2/21/12

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Playlist Theme: "1982: The Year in U.K. Punk"
Note: All of the songs on this playlist were released in 1982, though several of the source disks for the tracks were released after that.

The Playlist:

1. Exploited, "Sid Vicious Was Innocent" (3:02). Troops of Tomorrow 
2. The Adicts, "Joker in the Pack" (2:50). Sound of Music 
3. U.K. Subs, "Endangered Species" (3:27). Endangered Species 
4. Discharge, "Free Speech for the Dumb" (2:15). Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing 
5. Anti-Pasti, "Last Train to Nowhere" (2:58). Caution in the Wind 
6. Angelic Upstarts, "Woman in Disguise" (3:10). Reason Why? 
7. Anti-Nowhere League, "Animal" (2:43). We Are the League 
8. The Damned, "Ignite" (4:52). The Light at the End of the Tunnel 
9. Chron Gen, "Jet Boy Jet Girl" (2:16). Chronic Generation 
10. Infa Riot, "Five Minute Fashion (3:21). Still Out of Order 
11. The Clash, "Should I Stay of Should I Go?" (3:08). Combat Rock 
12. One Way System, "Give Us a Future" (2:47). The Best of One Way System 
13. Blitz, "Time Bomb" (2:00). Voice of a Generation 
14. Vice Squad, "Out of Reach" (1:55). Stand Strong Stand Proud 
15. Chelsea, "Stand Out" (3:33). Evacuate 
16. GBH, "No Survivors" (2:36). City Baby Attacked By Rats 
17. The Partisans, "17 Years of Hell" (2:51). 17 Years of Hell 
18. Cock Sparrer, "England Belongs to Me" (3:04). Shock Troops 
19. Abrasive Wheels, "Burn Em Down" (2:40). When the Punks Go Marching In 
20. Riot Squad, "We Are the Riot Squad" (1:30). No Potential Threat

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