Sobriquet 82.6: Playlist for "The Cellar," 4/24/12

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Playlist Theme: Early 1990s Chicago Punk (1990-1995) 

The Playlist:

1. Not Rebecca, "Rosenwinkel" (2:45). Mark's a Dick and Gar's a Drunk: The Johann's Face Story 
2. Winepress, "Disappointed" (3:24). Worth a Thousand Words 
3. Tricky Dick, "When I Was Twelve" (2:56). Discography 
4. Naked Raygun, "Home" (2:53). Raygun...Naked Raygun 
5. The Bollweevils, "Bottomless Pit" (2:36). Stick Your Neck Out! 
6. The Vindictives, "Assembly Line" (3:20). The Many Moods of the Vindictives 
7. Pegboy, "Through My Fingers (4:03). Three Chord Monte EP 
8. Screeching Weasel, "Radio Blast" (3:59). Kill the Musicians
9. My Foolish Halo, "Coming Down" (2:02). Piaphrabakrist 
11. Lunkhead, "Nugget" (2:45). Clever, But Not Funny 
12. Riverdales, "Judy Go Home" (1:55). Riverdales 
13. Didjits, "Killboy Powderhead" (2:01). Hornet Pinata 
14. 88 Fingers Louie, "Too Many" (3:02). Punk Sucks 
15. Smoking Popes, "Need You Around" (3:43). Born to Quit 
16. Tar, "Teetering" (3:34). Clincher 
18. Smoothies, "Dovey" (3:28). Pickle 
19. Apocalypse Hoboken, "Quick Joey Small" (1:57). Mark's a Dick and Gar's a Drunk: The Johann's Face Story

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