Sobriquet 84.1: Playlist for "The Cellar," 6/12/12

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Note: Due to a some technical complications at KPVL, this show, which was originally set to air on June 5, was broadcast a week after the recording. 

Playlist Theme: 1977: The Year in U.K. Punk

The Playlist:

1. The Clash, "White Riot" (2:01). The Clash
2. Buzzcocks, "Orgasm Addict" (2:02). Operator's Manual
3. Alternative TV, "How Much Longer?" (2:37). How Much Longer? 7"
4. The Stranglers, "(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)" (4:02). Rattus Norvegicus
5. The Adverts, ""One Chord Wonders" (2:35). Anthology
6. X-Ray Spex, "I Am a Cliché" (1:56). The Anthology
7. The Rezillos, "Flying Saucer Attack" (2:50). Can't Stand the Rezillos
8. Public Zone, "Naive" (2:33). Naive 7"
9. Sham 69, "I Don't Wanna" (1:42). If the Kids Are United: The Best of Sham 69
10. The Damned, "Neat Neat Neat" (2:42). Damned Damned Damned
11. Generation X, "Wild Youth" (2:53). Generation X
12. New Hearts, "Blood on the Knife" (2:00). New Hearts 7"
13. Chelsea, "High Rise Living" (3:55). Alternative Hits
14. Eater, "Outside View" (2:06). The Compleat Eater
15. Cock Sparrer, "Sister Suzie" (3:39). The Decca Years
16. Sex Pistols, "Holidays in the Sun" (3:22). Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols
17. Penetration, "Don't Dictate" (2:55). The Best of Penetration - Don't Dictate
18. Wire, "Champs." (1:46). Pink Flag
19. Big in Japan, "Big in Japan" (2:49). Brutality Religion and A Dance Beat
20. The Jam, "Art School" (2:02). In The City
21. Headache, "Can't Stand Still" (2:08). Headache 7"
22. Suburban Studs, "No Faith" (2:01). "Questions" b/w "No Faith"

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