Sobriquet 84.2: Playlist for "The Cellar," 6/19/12

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Playlist Theme: Dutch Punk

The Playlist:

1. Flyin' Spiderz, "City Boy" (2:35). Flyin' Spiderz 
2. The Blitzz "You Got What You Want" (2:20). Go Now 
3. Filth, "Don't Hide Your Hate" (1:31). Filth 
4. One-Way Subway, "You Gotta Support" (3:09). Jesus Loves Me 
5. The Tits, "Daddy is My Pusher" (2:20). "Daddy Is My Pusher" b/w "We're So Glad Elvis Is Dead" 
6. Molesters, Plastic" (1:50). Plastic 
7. Helmettes, "I Don't Care What the People Say" (2:17). I Don't Care What the People Say 
8. Mecano Ltd., "Fools" (2:13). "Face Cover Face" b/w "Fools" 
9. Monroe, "Disco Fever" (3:16). Polio for the People 
10. The Brommers, "Miracles" (3:51). Defekt
11. De Cylinders, "Freddy Mercury" (2:35). Freddy Mercury 
12. Ivy Green, "Wap Shoo Wap" (3:29). The Quest 
13. Panic, "Requiem for Martin Heidegger" (2:33). Panic 
14. God's Heart Attack, "Treat Me Like a Doll" (2:14). "Treat Me Like a Doll" b/w "Ain't No Hooker" 
15. The Nitwitz, "Rock Pusher" (2:35). Nibble the Giblet
16. Tröckener Kecks, "Lang So Aardig NietNiet Alle Meisjes Zijn Verliefd Op Kors
17. Frites Modern, "Bionic Adventure" (1:43). 6 Met
18. Vopos, "Menten" (1:43). I'm So Glad the King is Dead
19. Speedtwins, "So Why Pretend? (3:21). It's More Fun To Compete
20. Zmiv, "Lay Down" (1:25). Banzai! Here's "Zmiv" Beware!
21. Mort Subite, "Ich Liebe Ulrike" (2:16). I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It • Dutch Punkrock '77 - '82
22. Rondos. "A Black and White Statement" (2:40). Which Side Will You Be On?

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