Sobriquet 88.2: Playlist for "The Cellar," 8/7/12

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Playlist Theme: 1978: The Year in American Punk

The Playlist:

1. The Deadbeats, "Kill The Hippies" (2:02). Kill the Hippies 7"
2. Black Flag, "Fix Me" (1:00). The First Four Years
3. The Wild Giraffes, "Love Me" (2:32). Ensamble and Majorettes 7"
4. The Dead Boys, "Third Generation Nation" (2:36). We Have Come for Your Children
5. The Germs, "Circle One" (1:49). M.I.A.: The Complete Germs
6. The Middle Class, "Situations" (1:46). Out of Vogue
7. The Pagans, "Street Where Nobody Lives" (1:33). Street Where Nobody Lives
8. Vom, "Punkmobile" (1:42). Live at Surf City
9. The Misfits, "We Are 138" (1:43). Collection II
10. The Ramones, "She's the One" (2:13). Road to Ruin
11. The Grim/Clone Band, "Heat's Risin'" (1:27). No Excuse
12. Blondie, "One Way or Another" (3:28). The Platinum Collection
13. La Peste, "Better off Dead" (3:08). La Peste 7"
14. The Zeros, "Beat Your Heart Out" (2:16) "Beat Your Heart Out" b/w "Wild Weekend"
15. The Dictators, "Faster and Louder" (2:48). Blood Brothers
16. Chronics, "Test Tube Baby" (2:14). "Test Tube Baby" b/w "Calling All Cardinals"
17. Plasmatics, "Butcher Baby" (3:20). Butcher Baby
18. Ed Nasty and the Dopeds, "I'm Gonna Be Everything" (2:05). "I'm Gonna Be Everything" b/w "You Sucker"
19. The Mutants, "So American" (2:07). "So American" b/w "Piece O' Shit"
20. Television, "Foxhole" (4:49). Adventure
21. Flirt, "De-Generator" (3:30). "Don't Push Me!" b/w "De-Generator"
22. X, "We're Desperate" (2:02). Adult Books 7"
23. Sonic Rendezvous Band, "City Slang" (5:24). Sonic Rendezvous Band

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