Sobriquet 88.3: Playlist for "The Cellar," 8/14/12

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Playlist Theme: 1979: The Year in U.S. Punk

The Playlist:

1. The Delinquents, "Alien Beach Party" (4:00). Alien Beach Party
2. Dead Kennedys, "California Über Alles" (3:06). "California Über Alles" b/w "Man With the Dogs"
3. The Carpets, "Kill Hirb Cane" (2:27). The Carpets
4. The Dickies, "Paranoid" (2:05). The Incredible Shrinking Dickies
5. Simpletones, "California" (2:48). "California" b/w "I Like Drugs"
6. The Avengers, "The American in Me" (2:07). The American in Me
7. Men in Black, "S&M Bar" (4:04). S&M Bar 7"
8. The Nuns, "Savage" (2:17). The Nuns
9. Count Vertigo, "X Patriots" (2:00). "I'm a Mutant" b/w "X Patriots"
10. VKTMS, "Ballad of the Pincushion Smith" (3:11). SF Underground
11. The Bags, Survive" (2:57). Desperate Teenage Lovedolls (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
12. The Grackles, "Who Needs Wildlife Anyway?" (1:58). The Grackles
13. The Suicide Commandos, "She Said Yeah" (1:11). The Suicide Commandos Commit Suicide Dance Concert
14. Slugs, "Problem Child" (2:58). "Problem Child" b/w "Suspicion"
15. The Weirdos, "Happy People" (2:33). Weird World (Volume 1)
16. Tools, "Asexuality in the 80's" (2:10). SF Underground
17. The Pagans, "Dead End America" (1:42). Dead End America
18. Misfits, "Night of the Living Dead" (2:00). Night of the Living Dead 7"
19. No Alternative, "Johnny Got His Gun" (2:47). SF Underground
20. Richard Hell, "The Kid With the Replaceable Head" (2:19). Spurts - The Richard Hell Story
21. Flipper, "Earthworm" (3:05). SF Underground
22. The Plugz, "Achin" (2:20). "Achin" b/w "La Bamba"

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