Sobriquet 88.5: Playlist for "The Cellar," 8/28/12

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Playlist Theme: Stuff That Fell Through the Cracks of The Cellar (Songs I've Wanted to Play but Couldn't or Didn't Fit Into Any Other Theme)

The Playlist:

1. Armchair Martian, "Back in the Hammock" (2:52). Armchair Martian
2. Violent Society, "I Wanna Know" (1:14). Not Enjoyin' It
3. Sad Society, "Changes" (2:47). Best Thing Since Hand Relief
4. The Frantics, "Downtown Delirium" (2:58). Downtown Delirium
5. The Aquarius Project, "B. F. Skinner" (0:34). Bitchin' Technology
6. Amebix, "Winter" (5:32). Winter 7"
7. Cockroach Clan, "Barbies on Drugs" (2:49). Roach
8. Furious George, "Betty Crocker, Punk Rocker" (1:22). Goes Ape!
9. Good Riddance, "Mother Superior" (Live) (3:26). Remain in Memory - The Final Show
10. D.R.I., "Suit and Tie Guy" (3:25). 4 of a Kind
11. Dementia 13, "Fright Night" (2:33). Graveyard Rumble
12. Shock Nagasaki, "Hit the Beach" (3:20). Year of the Spy
13. The Molls, "White Stains" (2:43). The Molls
14. Elton Motello, "Pogo Pogo" (2:37). Pogo Pogo
15. The Endtables, "Trick or Treat" (2:27). White Glove Test (Self Destruct)
16. Fizzy Bangers, "Short Attention Span" (0:08). Short Music for Short People
17. Fræbblarnir, Björ" (2:16). Björ
18. Hanson Brothers, "Comatose" (2:45). Gross Misconduct
19. The Boomtown Rats, "Lookin' After No. 1" (3:10). The Best of the Boomtown Rats
20. Subincision, "Kerouac" (2:21). Subincision
21. Pitch Black, "Half Empty" (3:00). Half Empty

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