Sobriquet 88.7: Playlist for "The Cellar," 9/11/12

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Playlist Theme: The Early Years of Australian Punk

The Playlist:

1. Public Execution, "S.S. Brigade" (2:47). "Methadone Slave" b/w "S.S. Brigade"
2. Young Identities, "New Trends" (2:13). New Trends 7"
3. Radio Birdman, "Hand Of Law" (4:46). The Essential Radio Birdman (1974-1978)
4. Suicide Squad, "I Hate School" (1:58). Suicide Squad 7"
5. The Numbers, "Gov't Boy" (2:13). The Numbers
6. News, "That Girl" (2:22). "That Girl" b/w "I'm So Confused"
7. The Mansons, "I Died Four Times! (But I Don't Wanna Talk About It)" (2:17). I Died Four Times! (But I Don't Want to Talk About It) b/w "What Is Her Name?"
8. The Thought Criminals, "Display/Response: Action" (2:57). Food for Thoughtcrimes
9. Chosen Few, "(Do The Manic) To Kill or Maim" (1:27). Do The Manic!
10. Celibate Rifles, "Kents Theme (They Don't Listen)" (1:54). But Jaques, The Fish?
11. Seems Twice, "Abrupt Alteration" (0:23). Non-Plussed
12. Tactics, "Standing By the Window" (2:36). Tactics
13. The Saints, "No Time" (2:48). (I'm) Stranded
14. Razar, "Shutdown Countdown" (2:26). Razar
15. Sick Things, "Bondage Boy" (1:43). Raw Deal!
16. The Press, "Alcoholic" (3:05). Fodder for the Critics
17. Victims, "Disco Junkies" (5:47). No Thanks to the Human Turd
18. Popular Mechanics, "Fatal Slip" (2:11). From Here to Obscurity
19. Manikins, "I Never Thought I'd Find Someone Who Would Be So Kind" (3:12) Models for Mankind 7"
20. Psycho Surgeons, "Horizontal Action" (1:48). Horizontal Action 7"
21. The Quick & The Dead, "Pyramid Party" (2:02). Production Tape
22. The Survivors, "Australia" (2:53). Baby Come Back 7"

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