Sobriquet 89.2: Playlist for "The Cellar," 10/23/12

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Playlist Theme: Election Season Special: American Political Punk

The Playlist:

1. Bad Religion, "You Are (The Government)" (1:22). Suffer
2. Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, "Barackstar O'Bummer" (3:16). Shock-u-py!
3. Dead Kennedys, "Stars and Stripes of Corruption" (6:19). Frankenchrist
4. Against Me!, "Baby, I'm an Anarchist!" (2:40). Reinventing Axl Rose
5. Sudden Death, "Vote for an Ass" (2:18).
6. Against All Authority, "Bakunin" (2:18). Nothing New For Trash Like You
7. Anti-Flag, "Turncoat" (Live) (2:22). A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime
8. MDC, "I Remember" (2:00). Millions of Dead Cops and More
9. Black Flag, "American Waste" (1:33). First Four Years
10. Wards, "Fear the Government" (1:21). Don't Make U.S. Shoot the Pershing II
11. NOFX, "Murder the Government" (0:46). So Long & Thanks for all the Shoes
12. Reagan Youth, "USA" (1:23). A Collection of Pop Classics
13. Pennywise, "Society" (3:25). Full Circle
14. Defiance, Ohio, "The New World Order" (1:39). The Great Depression
15. Leftover Crack, "Nobody is Free" (1:18). Baby Jesus, Sliced Up in the Manger
16. T.S.O.L., "Abolish Government/Silent Majority" (1:59). T.S.O.L./Weathered Statues
17. Total Chaos, "Patriotic Shock" (1:40). Patriotic Shock
18. Street Dogs, "Rebel Song" (2:56). State of Grace
19. Good Riddance, "Flies First Class" (2:39). For God and Country
20. Sick of It All, "District" (3:26). Yours Truly
21. Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of medicine, "The Terror of Tinytown" (4:37). The Audacity of Hype

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