Sobriquet 90.1: Playlist for "The Cellar," 11/6/12

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Playlist Theme: Election Day Special - The Washington D.C. Punk Scene

The Playlist:

1. Bad Brains, "Banned in D.C." (2:13). Bad Brains
2. Government Issue, "Hey, Ronnie" (1:08). Flex Your Head
3. Minor Threat, "Screaming at a Wall" (1:31). Minor Threat: Complete Discography
4. Youth Brigade, "Last Word" (1:24). Flex Your Head
5. Dag Nasty, "Circles" (2:47). Can I Say
6. The Teen Idles, "I Drink Milk" (1:07). Flex Your Head
7. Black Market Baby, "Downward Christian Soldiers" (2:42). Coulda... Shoulda... Woulda: The Black Market Baby Collection
8. Void, "Dehumanized" (1:16). Flex Your Head
9. Egg Hunt, "Me And You" (3:48). Egg Hunt
10. Embrace, "Money" (Alternate Version) (2:49). Embrace
11. Marginal Man, "Marginal Man" (3:21). Identity
12. Red C, "6 O'Clock News" (2:03). Flex Your Head
13. Fugazi, "Waiting Room" (2:53). 13 Songs
14. Rites of Spring, "In Silence/Words Away" (3:01). Rites of Spring
15. Iron Cross, "Live for Now" (2:13). Flex Your Head
16. Chalk Circle, "The Slap" (3:26). Mixed Nuts Don't Crack
17. Swiz, "Won't Breathe for You" (1:58). No Punches Pulled
18. Artificial Peace, "Wasteland" (2:02). Flex Your Head
19. Soulside, "Baby" (3:41). Soon Come Happy
20. The Untouchables, "I Hate You" (1:24). Flex Your Head
21. Gray Matter, "Retrospect" (2:09). Food For Thought & Take It Back
22. State of Alert, "Stepping Stone Party" (1:57). Flex Your Head
23. Scream, "Who Knows? Who Cares?" (2:13). Still Screaming & This Side Up
24. Skewbald/Grand Union, "Side Two" (1:14). Two Songs
25. Nation of Ulysses, "Spectra Sonic Sound" (2:30). 13 Point Program to Destroy America

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