Sobriquet 90.14: Playlist for "The Cellar," 2/5/13

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Playlist Theme: Songs to Play When You're Sick

The Playlist:

1. Adhesive, "Phone in Sick" (1:52). From Left to Right
2. The Copyrights, "Headaches" (1:15). Learn the Hard Way
3. Dead Kennedys, "Government Flu" (3:00). Plastic Surgery Disasters
4. Chaser, "Sickness" (3:12). The Big Picture
5. Ramones, "You Sound Like You're Sick" (2:43). Pleasant Dreams
6. Social Distortion, "Cold Feelings" (3:32). Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
7. Ramones, "I Wanna Be Well" (2:28). Rocket to Russia
8. GBH, "Sick Boy" (2:33). City baby Attacked By Rats
9. The Eyeliners, "Headache" (2:19). Confidential
10. The Misfits, "Cough/Cool" (2:19). Collection II
11. Screeching Weasel, "My Brain Hurts" (3:08). My Brain Hurts
12. The Damned, "Feel the Pain" (3:37). Damned Damned Damned
13. The Queers, "I Can't Stop Farting (1:43). Love Songs for the Retarded
14. Social Distortion, "Sick Boys" (3:19). Social Distortion
15. The Damned, "Shakin' All Over" (4:34). Noise - The Best of the Damned Live
16. Satan's Rats, "You Make Me Sick" (2:11). You Make Me Sick 7"
17. The Dicks, "All Night Fever" (1:43). The Dicks Hate the Police
18. Hüsker Dü, "59 Times the Pain" (3:16). New Day Rising
19. The Adicts, "Hurt" (2:41). Songs of Praise
20. X, "Nausea" (3:40). Los Angeles

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