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Sobriquet 40.27

The following post was originally published on 3/31/08. It's been a few days since I last posted anything and, as I had assumed would be the case, I did not get a whole lot of work done over the weekend. I did, of course, continue reading (and enjoying)  Waiting for the Barbarians  and I have been doing a little bit of prewriting. I seem to have hit another of those instances when writing begins to feel both daunting and irksome. As my doubts swarm around me like midges on Joba Chamberlain, I find that although I feel as if I should be starting the chapter in a day or two, I never seem to get any closer to the actual writing. It sucks. I would have gotten a bit more done today, but I decided that having the opportunity to meet Mike Gravel this evening was too tempting to pass up. Now, after having listened to Senator Gravel speak in person (he is a tremendously eloquent man, especially when given more than a few seconds to speak as was the case during the Democratic debates) I hav

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