Ten Questions with Marvin of the Varukers

 So Marvin, you used to be in Chaos U.K., right? How'd you end up in the Varukers? 

I lost at cards; bad debt; bad band; bad move.

We here in America know very little about the whole Ronnie Biggs "great train robber" thing. I understand he is sort of a folk hero in England. Most American punks are only familiar with his foppish recording with the Sex Pistols sans Johnny Rotten. Was he ever a hero of the UK punkers? Now that he has returned from his long Brazilian exile, what is the reaction? 
Ronnie Biggs is a hero because us Brits love a criminal--y'know Robin Hood 'n' that. Ronnie had the forsight to skip jail and go to a beautiful country such as Brazil. Reaction to his return has been varied?all the ?crims? wish him well?all the wankers hope he rots in his cell, which undoubtedly he shall!

The Varukers reformed in 1993. That's a good two years before re-forming classic punk bands became chic. However, few bands have escaped the "you're only in it for the money" tag. Have the Varukers ever had any such accusations? Are the old fans still as enthusiastic as the younger crowd? 
Well, Varukers only split for two years, and have been working hard, playing total DIY shit--so such accusations are ignored. Everybody who comes to see Varukers must be insane, so the reaction is universal.

Who's a better Irish writer: Samuel Beckett or James Joyce? 
Can't read. Irish can't write.

Joey Ramone tributes are seemingly ubiquitous within the punk scene now. Just how important were the Ramones to British punk? To the Varukers? 
The Ramones are very influencial to both Brit punks and Varukers. We all love them--Sid's favorite band. Joey Ramone rest in peace indeed!

You have toured Australia and New Zealand, two countries largely ignored by major punk tours, yet both countries have rather active punk scenes. Are there any major differences you notice between the UK/European scene and the Oceania scene? 
Australia and New Zealand are pretty much the same as the U. K. except smaller. They're the same as us Brits--in fact descendents of ours--that's why punk connects so well with all of us; we all hate authority.

Speaking of scene juxtaposition, is the stereotype of America's punk scene as being far more middle class than the UK's true in your opinion? How does that affect touring bands? Or is it complete bunk? 
Quite frankly, punks are punks universally. We have good friends everywhere--so to be honest, we take no notice.

What is the best movie made in the 1990's? 
Charlie Chaplin's The Tramp or Debbie Does the 1 in 12.

Which is better: Glasgow or Edinburgh? Why? 
Cardiff, in Wales 'cos there's no jocks, paddles, or English cunts there.

If you could ask the people who interview a question, what would it be? 
Why do you keep bugging very important musicians like myself, who are faaar too busy living a rock 'n' roll lifestyle, with frivolous questions?


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