What People Have Said About Sobriquet Magazine

 About Erik Grayson's Dissertation Blog

"Grayson's Internet journal about the secondary reading he is doing for his dissertation is an invaluable resource for Coetzee Scholars." 
--Carrol Clarkson, J. M. Coetzee: Countervoices (p. 206). 

"My favourite music blog ever though has to be Sobriquet Magazine www.sobriquetmagazine.com which is mostly about some guys thesis on mid 20th century US literary critique and also reviews of punk bands, it's quite unique and mercifully free of the usually pseudo-media-node-wank-group cock juggling that saturates the Web2.0." 
-- Anto O'Kane of the Tin Pot Operation 

 "a bizarrely erudite US punk blog, that also seems to cater for critical theory of mid 20th Century American Literature." 
--Anto O'Kane


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