Sobriquet 81.2: Playlist for "The Cellar," 3/13/12

Theme: A Punk Rock St. Patrick's Day

The Playlist:

1. Dropkick Murphys, "(F)lannigan's Ball" (3:39). The Meanest of Times
2. Flogging Molly, "Drunken Lullabies" (3:51). Drunken Lullabies
3. The Pogues, "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" (2:21). If I Should Fall From Grace With God
4. The Pubcrawlers, "I'll Tell Me Ma" (3:07). One Too Many Again
5. Charm City Saints, "Night Paddy Murphy Died" (2:48). Hooligans and Saints
6. Neck, "Every Day's St. Patrick's Day" (3:18). Sod 'Em & Begorrah
7. The Skels, "Have a Drink, Ya' Bastards" (2:54). Any Port in a Storm
8. Blood or Whiskey, "Breaking Through" (1:48). No Time to Explain
9. The Tossers, "Buckets of Beer" (2:18). Communication and Conviction
10. The Mahones, "Drunken Lazy Bastard" (3:27). Irish Punk Collection
11. The Mighty Regis, "Celtic Storm" (3:18). Another Nickel for the Pope
12. Lexington Field, "Drunken Sailor" (1:58). The Streets of Dover
13. Sir Reg, "Bolloxology" (2:35). A Sign of the Times
14. Flatfoot 56, "Smoke Blower" (2:18). Black Thorn
15. The Rumjacks, "An Irish Pub Song" (3:22). Gangs of New Holland
16. The Gobshytes, "Bloodshot" (2:38). Bloodshot
17. CIrcle J, "See You All in Hell" (2:58). Fat Man's Chest
18. Auld Corn Brigade, "Sean South from Garryowen" (3:55). A Fighter's Lullabies
19. The Porters, "Too Many Pints of Guinness" (2:30). Anywhere But Home


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