Sobriquet 90.4: Playlist for "The Cellar," 11/27/12

Playlist Theme: 1993: The Year in American Punk

The Playlist:

1. Screeching Weasel, "El Mozote" (2:28). Split With Born Against
2. The Queers, "Daydreaming" (3:50). Love Songs for the Retarded
3. The Bouncing Souls, "These Are the Quotes from Our Favorite 80's Movies" (1:58). The Good, the Bad, and the Argyle
4. The Ramones, "Substitute" (3:15). Acid Eaters
5. Bad Religion, "American Jesus" (3:17). Recipe for Hate
6. Tilt, "White Homes" (2:08). Play Cell
7. Pennywise, "Tester" (3:15). Unknown Road
8. The Candy Snatchers, "My Sleaze"(2:01). Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed: The First Two Years
9. The Muffs, "Big Mouth" (1:52). The Muffs
10. Smoking Popes, "Leather and Lace" (3:09). It's Been a Long Day
11. The New Bomb Turks, "Born Toulouse-Lautrec" (2:34). Destroy-Oh-Boy!
12. The Dwarves, "Anybody Out There" (3:00). Thank Heaven for Little Girls / Sugarfix
13. Dogs on Ice, "Fences" (3:23). Salt Wound
14. Blanks 77, "Are We Having Fun Yet" (1:30). Up the System 10"
15. Violent Society, "Polyester Snatch" (2:31). Not Enjoyin' It
16. Rancid, "Hyena" (2:55). Rancid
17. Fugazi, "Facet Squared" (2:41). In On the Kill Taker
18. The Mr. T Experience, "More Than Toast" (2:57). Our Bodies Our Selves
19. Bikini Kill, "Magnet" (1:26). Pussy Whipped
20. Swingin' Utters, "No Eager Men" (2:59). More Scared - The House of Faith Years
21. The Vindictives, "This is My Face" (1:46). The Many Moods of the Vindictives

22. Didjits, "Que Sirhan Sirhan" (3:02). Que Sirhan Sirhan 


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