Sobriquet 91.1: Playlist for "The Cellar," 2/12/13

Playlist Theme: Texas Punk

The Playlist:

1. Hex Dispensers, "Gates of Steel" (2:23). Winchester Mystery House
2. Bobby Soxx, "Learn to Hate the '80's" (3:12). Learn to Hate the 80's
3. D.R.I., "Nursing Home Blues" (3:48). Dealing With It
4. Bodysnatchers, "Are You Into Destruction?" (1:45). The Bodysnatchers
5. Really Red, "White Lies" (2:35), Modern Needs
6. Stains, "John Wayne Was a Nazi" (1:57). John Wayne Was a Nazi
7. The Dicks, "Hate the Police" (1:55). Hate the Police
8. Offenders, "Lost Causes" (2:11). "Lost Causes" b/w "Rockin' the Town"
9. Big Boys, "Identity Crisis" (1:47). Where's My Towel?
10. Skunks, "Earthquake Shake" (2:49). Can't Get Loose
11. The Hates, "City on Ice" (3:17). The Hates
12. Inserts, "Doctor's Wives" (2:52). Inserts
13. Marked Men, "Blew My Head" (2:57). Ghosts
14. Legionaire's Disease Band, "Rather See You Dead" (2:22). Rather See You Dead (Than With Wool on Your Head) 
15. Ghoultown, "Mistress of the Dark" (3:22). Mistress of the Dark
16. Next, "Cheap Rewards" (2:15). Make it Quick!
17. Riverboat Gamblers, "Blue Ghosts" (3:16). The Wolf You Feed
18. Hugh Beaumont Experience, "Money Means So Much to Me" (1:45). Cone Johnson
19. Rejects,"Barbed Wire Baby" (1:30). Back to School Report Child Abuse
20. Non Compos Mentis, "Ultimate Orgasm" (3:01). Ultimate Orgasm
21. Butthole Surfers,"The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave" (2:09). Brown Reason to Live

22. Cruiserweight, "Worst Story Ever Told" (3:15). First Day of School 


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