Sobriquet 69.1

As regular readers have noticed, Sobriquet Magazine has been on partial hiatus for the better part of a year. With the exception of some really wonderful work by Dylan WinchockRoger Sederat, and Robert Savino Oventile and a couple of in-house music and book reviews, no new content has appeared on the site, and the publication has essentially been in hibernation mode ever since I completed my doctoral dissertation and weblog chronicling that process last April.

I have decided to reboot the Sobriquet Magazine blog because, frankly, I have missed it. As frustrated as I often felt while working on my dissertation, I enjoyed the sense of purpose it provided me and I learned to appreciate the discipline and -- dare I write it? -- structure regular journaling made possible for me. So I have returned to the medium I found so rewarding.

Of course, I am no longer engaged in as rigorous a project as a dissertation inevitably is for a doctoral student, so I have neither the sense of urgency nor the excitement of journeying into new intellectual territory that helped transform my project into a modest academic resource for scholars of J. M. Coetzee, but I do have a desire to write more.

I assume that this blog will have a slightly academic bent to it, if only because my life as a college teacher and researcher unavoidably colors my perceptions and experiences of the world around me, but I do not wish for this project to be overly scholarly, either. Hopefully, something interesting and worthwhile will emerge.

We'll see.


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