Sobriquet 104.1: Links to the Past

On May 1, 1995, I brought a pile of photocopied-and-stapled copies Sobriquet Magazine #1 (pictured to the left) to my high school in rural New Jersey, where I sold it to my friends for a dollar. Later that day, I drove to a small record store called Sound Effects Records in Hackettstown and dropped off four copies on consignment. I was delighted when they sold out in under a week. I haven't stopped writing since.

Over the past twenty-eight years, Sobriquet Magazine accompanied me through college, graduate school, and into my career as a college professor. Along the way, this little publication evolved with me and has broadened its focus from a teenager's favorite musical subculture to literature, politics, and a range of other topics. Still, Sobriquet remains a punk rock zine at heart, so when The Great Webhost Apocalypse of 2023 smote this website earlier this year, that now-adult punk rock kid was determined to ensure all those record reviews he'd written over the years would get back online.

And they did make it back online. However, thanks to a switch from using subfolders on the previous website to the use of subdomains here, the Internet is littered with dead links to those reviews and, for whatever reason, the current pages are not showing up in many searches. In an effort to bring those apparently hidden pages back into the light, I thought it would be a good idea to link to them from the main site.

What you will find here, then, is an alphabetized list of all the record reviews published in Sobriquet Magazine over the years. It is my hope to publish some new ones, too, and I will share any links to those from the main site upon publication. 

Thanks for reading!


The Abs


The Adicts


Angelic Upstarts


The Asteroids

Bad Brains

Bad Religion


Blind Society


Boris the Sprinkler

The Broken Toys

Captain Not Responsible


Chron Gen

Circle Jerks

The Clash

Dementia 13

The Distillers

Drunk in Public

Egg Hunt



The Flying Crap

Forgotten Rebels

The Frantics

The Gaslight Anthem

History of Guns

The HorrorPops


Hüsker Dü




The Low Budgets

The Marked Men

My Foolish Halo

No Empathy

Pitch Black

Queen Meanie Puss

The Queers


Screeching Weasel

Shock Nagasaki

Social Distortion

Stupido Biondo

Sweet Rot

Swingin' Neckbreakers

Terrible Twos

Third Leg

Tin Pot Operation

Uphill Down

Various Artists
Quality Punk Rock (Bad Taste Records)
Short Music For Short People (Fat Wreck Chords)




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