Sobriquet 32.1: Link Fest '07

1. We recently learned that our friend Jeremy Hance has transformed his blog into a webzine.

2. Sobriquet Magazine's own Erik Grayson has published a review of Kurt Vonnegut's A Man Without a Country in Logos.

3. The Cleveland Cavs have finally reached the NBA Finals, losing to the San Antonio Spurs in four straight games. I just wish Mark Price, Brad Daugherty, Craig Ehlo, Larry Nance and company could have been the Cavs crew to make it first.

4. Go Mike Gravel, go!

5. Sobriquet Magazine moves from Binghamton, NY to Elmira, NY.

6. Recap: Erik Grayson reviews Vonnegut, Cavs make it to the Finals, and Jeremy starts an e-zine.


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